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As a PhD candidate in the Communication & Culture graduate program at York University and Ryerson University, my research seeks to analyze the contemporary and historical relationships between knowledge, technology, and publics. More specifically I am critically investigating how the affordances and constraints of media have influenced the constructions, attentions, and performances of knowing in general encyclopedias like Wikipedia and the Britannica.

My masters thesis, Encyclopaedism & Wikipedia: a generic analysis of epistemic values began this trajectory as it compared the epistemic values of encyclopedias to those of wikis. The purpose was to understand the difference and similarities between these different forms of knowledge production. I anticipate that my PhD research will more broadly evaluate and critique emerging trends in digital epistemologies in order to envision what kinds of knowledge will be valued in the twenty-first century.

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“I see no harm in book-learning”

A pedagogical practice of transmediating "The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes" Presentation abstract: Acceptance of using social media as a formal aspect of the university learning experience has increased in past few years. ...
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The growing subordination of wiki values on Wikipedia Presentation abstract: At the core of Wikipedia stands a question, "What can be knowledge?". This presentation considers the conditions under which Wikipedians attempt ...Tags: , , ,
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MA Thesis: Wikipedia and Encyclopaedism

Abstract: This thesis considers how Wikipedia justifies, structures, and legitimizes its production of knowledge. To do so the thesis positions Wikipedia as a site of conflict over the epistemic values between its wiki ...
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The Disciplined Article

Presentation abstract: This presentation is a comparative analysis of Wikipedia and Britannica Encyclopedia's categorization of articles. It reports on my research that compares the sub-headings of ten articles from two ...
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Wikipedia and Encyclopedic History

As part of my masters research I have followed the development of the genre of encyclopedias. To do so I've read the prefaces of Chambers' Cyclopedia, Diderot & d'Alembert's Encyclopédie, the Encyclopedia Britannica, ...
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Protocol Z

Presentation abstract: The object of my research is the representation of distributed social organization in popular culture through zombie narratives. As evident in Robert Kirkman's graphic novel series The Walking Dead ...Tags: ,
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A student’s perspective of knowledge creation

Presentation abstract: Conference Intercom Conference, University of Ottawa, 2010 Slides taken from my presentation on knowledge creation from the Intercom Graduate Conference, 2010 University of ...
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Wikipedia as a Community of Practice

Presentation abstract: The objective of this presentation is to analyze the history and processes of meaning construction within the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Specifically, I will address how Wikipedia users continually ...