Graphic design

I have been a practicing graphic designer since 2005 and I specialize in typography, visual identities, print design, and web design.

As a studio and freelance designer I have worked with a number of public institutions and non-governmental organizations like the City of Ottawa, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Ottawa Riverkeeper, The Audiovisual Media Lab for the Study of Cultures & Societies, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. I have also worked with cultural researchers from the University of Ottawa and York University.

Figure Nº.4 Cover for a self-produced handbook on typography.

Figure Nº.5 Visual identities for a government grant program (Canada Excellence Research Chairs), a student association (CGSA), and an annual academic conference (ISCS).

Figure Nº.6 Visual identities for a street fashion blog, a waterkeeper advocacy program, and an independent contractor.