Media Researcher,
Designer & Educator

Currently—I am a lecturer in New Media and Digital Culture at the University of Amsterdam's Media Studies Department. I am also the Principal Investigator of the Wikimedia Foundation funded project Slow Editing Towards Equity. And, I also created the index Keywords for Studying Media, Culture & Information.

Recently—I published the article Making Consensus Sensible: The transition of a democratic ideal into Wikipedia's interface. I also completed my doctoral dissertation in Communication & Culture at York University on the topic of Wikipedia and the political design of encyclopedic media.

Years ago—I taught at George Brown College's School of Design and at the University of Windsor's Department of Communication, Media & Film. I completed my masters thesis Wikipedia & Encyclopaedism under the supervision of the Canadian Research Chair in Collective Intelligence, Pierre Lévy; worked as a graphic designer for Fifty Strategy + Creative on various branding, identity, video, and publication projects for public institutions, governments, and NGOs.

Figure Nº.1 Illustration,
“Agreement is not the end” 2022,
Jankowski and software.